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BICG is a global company, formed by an experienced and heterogeneous team, specialized in diverse fields of knowledge. And in addition to our own capabilities, we are always looking for and open to new alliances, which will allow us to offer more and better solutions to our customers.

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BICG strengths

Tailored Solutions

Together with the project team we look for tailored solutions. We rely on the knowledge and findings of our international research partners, the latest methods and trends in the working world and are always looking for new innovative approaches to guarantee the success of the transformation project.



Interdisciplinarity is a fundamental part of our culture and work. We are a multidisciplinary team and believe in the power of different perspectives. We maintain close cooperation and collaboration with the project team and other service providers of the client.

Experience & Expertise

In more than 20 years of project experience we have been continuously developing and optimizing our methodology and approach. We draw on a well-founded and extensive repertoire of experience and methodological knowledge. This enables our team to meet the challenges of the project with creativity and a high degree of flexibility, and to react to changes in an agile and unbureaucratic manner.


BICG has more than just an international spirit: As an international consulting company we have gained project experience with clients and project partners without losing sight of local distinctions. We are specialized in the implementation of new ways of working strategies, in which the pilot projects serve as benchmarks and signposts for the transformation of the entire corporate culture.

Our Team

Across several borders we built a team of passionate, curious and multidisciplinary talents with different professional, academic and practical backgrounds. Together we are from +15 nationalities, speak around 20 languages and have +20 specialities. We live our own company culture and values by heart and as one team we successfully implement cultural transformation and create working environments with a unique Employees and Customers experience.

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Our Director's Board

"Companies that think innovatively and look into the future are the ones placing themselves stronger in the market. It is no longer enough to just change as a company. We need to develop a Company Experience where Employee and Customer Experience are symmetrical. It is my mission to successfully accompany you on this journey!"

Iñaki Lozano Ehlers

CEO & Founder

Iñaki is our expert in the areas of Company Experience®, corporate culture and transformation programs in complex organizations. He has led numerous research and strategic consulting initiatives in multinational companies with a special focus on Company Experience®, innovation and transformation aligning companies’ strategic goals with their transformation agenda.

"Improving a company is a mix of making the best possible work, with the best talent, using the best methodologies and the best resources. Our mission is to help organisations to achieve this complex challenge"

Carlos Lozano Ehlers

Managing Director

Carlos is responsible for all the enabling functions within BICG. With his broad experience in all aspects of Digitization, Company Experience®, Lean Sigma, Structured Innovation, Change and Project Management and New Ways of Working he already let numerous transformation initiatives with a focus on the financial services industry.

“Curiosity is my motivation, always through different perspectives. I believe in connected people, their creative power, diversity and constant adaptation to change. This combination leads to the best results. Making talent alive in companies are our mandate.”

Alejandra Martínez Boluda

Managing Director

Alejandra leads the transformation practices in BICG, implementing new practices and methodologies to improve the service to our clients. Since more than a decade, she develops Company Experience® projects and transforms organizations to a culture focused on collaboration, breaking silos, exchanging knowledge fluently, implementing work methods focused on agility as well as waking up talent in organizations.

“Control, knowledge and inspiration are the three fundamental axes of our contribution of value as professionals.” 

Fernando Vallejo

Managing Director

Fernando leads the area of workplace design and architecture in BICG and manages strategic consulting processes from a holistic vision with the aim of connecting and aligning all initiatives within the transformation projects. He is our specialist in the development of methodologies and new ways of understanding space for people.


Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. In their own words: “Our research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. As a result, our work has a significant impact on people’s lives. We are creative. We shape technology. We design products. We improve methods and techniques. We open up new vistas. In short, we forge the future”.

In 2015 we created a chair on ´Digital Work´ together with the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). The activity of the UPM-BICG Chair ´Digital Work´ focuses on the challenges of knowledge work in the digital era and the adoption of technologies in the business context that may improve, for example, productivity in organizations.

BICG belongs to EUWIN, the European Network of Workplace Innovation, an initiative launched in 2013 by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. Together with many experts from more than 30 countries we build a great network sharing our knowledge and experience and collaborating with each other.

BICG has a partnership with Fundación Masfamilia on how flexible work can help organisations to achieve a better balance between professional and personal life. We have co-created the White Paper on Flexible Work and both institutions have a common understanding on how implementing flexible working models will create more efficient, inclusive, innovative and agile organisations. We have signed the Charter of Flexibility and we are also part of the network of EFR organisations.

In collaboration with AceleraPyme we have created Easy Work. Easy Work is a series of services and tools designed to implement and strengthen flexible work in an efficient and organized way. It ensures the development of face-to-face work, remote work and hybrid work, strengthening business continuity, process viability or team management and communication.

ARSEG, Directors’ Association of the Facility Management, is the only representative of working environment’s professionals in France. The Association is administrated by a Committee of Directors which relies on several years of experiences to ensure the proper conduct of the association and its operation.

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