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We anticipate the future of work

BICG is a spinoff of the Fraunhoffer Institute IAO, one of the most important applied research institutes in Europe, whose mission is to study the future of work.

Therefore, our approaches are based on a scientific basis, combined with the experience in innovation projects at work for more than 20 years in more than 200 projects around the world.


At BICG, we improve work in organisations. We constantly innovate in building fertile and productive work ecosystems in companies. We transform organisations and mindsets; we use science to find the best solutions for both employers and employees.


We want to keep on being a reference on anticipating the future of work by making it real in companies. We believe that improving the way we work has an impact on the world we aspire to create. We contribute to a better world through sustainable ways of working. We apply science to increase performance and happiness to professionals. Therefore we guarantee better business results.

We call it
Company Experience®

In a world full of sudden and unpredictable changes, agile and flexible organisations prepared to quickly adapt to those changes are more important than ever. The most successful companies are the ones aligning their Employee and Customer Experience by bringing business, culture, technology, communication, processes and space under one unique roof and implementing suitable initiatives within each area.

At BICG we call this holistic approach Company Experience®.

We reflect and design an integrated approach for your organisation beyond resilience, to start your path to a model guaranteeing a lasting competitive advantage and business continuity.

Complex problems, multidisciplinary solutions

Since more than 20 years, BICG has always understood that complex problems can only be solved by mixing the right disciplines and accompanying change gradually, involving all professionals -of all levels-of the company:

Culture is key, do not underestimate it.

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