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Rethinking work @ the next stage

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer.
Geschäftsführender Institutsleiter Fraunhofer IAO
Prof. Dr. Iñaki Lozano Ehlers.
BICG – CEO & Managing Director

From the very start of the Office 21 project, these two experts on innovative and new ways of working, already sketched how our working world would change in the future. Now, 25 years later, from one day to the other the current situation of the Corona Pandemic is turning these predictions into necessities and the new reality of our working world.

In four different episodes, the two experts will discuss to what extent their predictions about the future of work are currently coming true and how companies must act to be prepared.

01: Real-life laboratory of new working worlds in times of corona
02: A sociological experiment
03: Changes and opportunities
04: Takeaways
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