Methodological Approach

At bicg, it is even more important how we do things than what we do. Involving the people in the company’s change process is key for success. 

Based on our experience, there are certain aspects that have to be taken into consideration when addressing a transformation in a company:

Transparent and coherent communication, set common goals, multidisciplinary teams, user centred approach, creative co-design, breaking down the transformation to create visible quick wins.

Our Strengths


In any transformation process, you are talking about culture. This cultural shift into a new mindset is probably the most difficult part, as it takes time, is difficult to see and is not tangible. We have been working for more than 20 years to make this cultural change a reality: turning it into a horizontal culture rather than a vertical one, to breaking down silos, creating a more collaborative work environment, developing a feedback culture… What makes bicg different is that we pay extreme attention to this and we succeed to translate culture into behaviours.

How we help evolving the work culture

Work-Life-Balance,Uncertainty Management, New models of Leadership, Sustainability (human, economy & environmental) CSR & employee wellbeing.
solutions more adapted to needs
0 %
employees identify themselves more with the company
0 %
of the professionals are more motivated
0 %
of the people wouldn’t go back to their old way of working​
0 %

without Change Management 8 out of 9 employees will not change, even if the company prescribes it

without Change Management only one transformation in three is successful

Communication &
Change Management

Corporate culture is the most important instrument of a successful change or transformation towards a holistic Company Experience®. Therefore, holistic Change Management is at the heart of each of our transformation projects. Changes specifically affect people in the company and their habits. For change to be implemented successfully, people must be accompanied and involved in their journey of change. What makes bicg different is that we have a proven methodology with more than 20 years of experience.

How we help disseminating the new culture

Facilitating change, active and bidirectional communication, solution based on needs of the company, communication as an instrument to foster change, transparency


We understand technology as a facilitator and accelerator. It needs to help employees to work in a better way and therefore more efficient. Technology should help companies to be exponential, but this can only be achieved when professionals embrace technology, understand it and are ready to use it in all its potential. What makes bicg different is that we are not focused on technology itself, but on how to use it to make your job easier, more efficient and more inspiring.

How we help applying technology

Digitisation, Technology protocols, Distributed & hybrid work, Data analytics, Information security, Access to knowledge & information from everywhere 
digital storage reduction ​
0 %
co2 reduction per employee/year
0 %
operational cost reduction​
0 %
report better use of their time in tasks that add value
0 %
space reduction
0 %
cost reduction space projects
0 %
CO2 reduction
0 %

Workplace & Architecture

We create a concept of space based on its users. Space must translate the culture of the company. It must facilitate work within teams, as well as creativity and collaboration. It depends on what habits you wish to create among your employees, space will be an excellent tool to achieve your goal. bicg makes your space a facilitator to improve work dynamics and make your company´s culture tangible to your employees.

How we help designing the office of the future

Most innovative workspace catalogue: building assessment based on optimization, Activity based office, Lean layouts, User centred approach, innovation hubs


Improving work processes, reducing bureaucracies and time thieves is an essential part of implementing new models of working. Putting in place lean and agile methodologies will focus the organisation on value and will simplify processes, avoiding unnecessary wastes. What makes bicg peculiar is that we boost productivity and work performance, reducing bureaucracies. We improve the Employee Experience.

How we help boosting processes

Remote work, flexible structures, less bureaucracies, agilism & lean, activity-based office, working in the cloud
increase in efficiency and agility
0 %
increase in communication
0 %
increase in idea generation
0 %
bureaucracy reduction
0 %

Integrated Sustainability

Using proven, data-driven methods and approaches, we achieve significant improvements in efficiency, costs and customer satisfaction. The implementation of new working models should ensure a better use of our infrastructure, a commitment to the climate agenda, a more considerate use of our resources in the long term and make life easier for our talents.

How we help putting businesses, people and environment in the right balance

OKRs, KPIs, eNPS, resources monitoring, value added services, digitalisation, innovation programs and policies

Continuous Accompaniment

We support and accompany you in each phase of the transformation 

process and help you answering the following questions: 

1. Analysis & Vision: is my organization prepared for the new demands of the market?

How do your employees work today and what would help them to work even more productively and efficiently in the future and what would motivate them at the same time?

2. Company Experience® Model: are we able to define how our company should evolve?

What is your corporate strategy and what do your employees need in order to live it and implement it on a daily basis?

3. Implementation of Initiatives: what are the key actions that we have to put in place to make it real?

How does transformation become tangible action that creates the perfect momentum to master current and future challenges and make you the company of the future that you want to be?

4. Transformation & Change Management: how do we succeed in inoculating the new mindset in our company?

How do we involve your employees so that they become protagonists of the transformation, aspire it, implement it and make it a corporate culture?

5. Monitoring: how do we translate each milestone in clear KPIs?

How can we ensure the sustainable implementation of the model for the future?

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