We are a diverse, multidisciplinary team of different nationalities, made up of economists, journalists, psychologists, architects, and mathematicians (among others) in constant search of excellence. Our clients and projects are varied, and we are not afraid to face unknown or ambiguous situations. We are constantly learning and evolving as individuals and as a team, and what’s more… we love having fun together!

Our values are the most important thing to us. We work in a flexible way, without strict timetables, understanding that there are times to enjoy and relax and others to push the accelerator. All of us, regardless of our position, get down in the mud and do our bit to ensure that the projects go ahead with a high degree of excellence. We are a committed, innovative team, passionate about people and new ways of working.

We are not perfect, and we are looking for people who understand and accept this imperfection, who are flexible when working and who are not afraid to contribute with solutions and make us progress as a team.

If you identify with this description, take a look at our open positions!



Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and colleagues

Cooperation & generosity

You will never walk alone


Be water, my friend


Be the change you want to see in the world

Curiosity & proactivity

Breaking down barriers

Joy & passion

Enjoy your trip


We break down mental barriers.

We change the way people work.

We put ourselves in our clients' shoes and challenge them to question their own paradigms.

Passion guides us and sometimes clouds us.

We are not perfect, and we accept our imperfection.

We value ideas over hierarchies.

We research, experiment, and try new things, even if success is not guaranteed.

We are flexible: We choose where and when we work.

Togetherness and generosity are the basis of our teams.

We believe that a better world of work is possible.


Hybrid working model

Enjoy a flexible working model with the flexibility to work remotely when needed. Our schedule is also flexible, and we adjust it according to the projects or clients we work with.

Additional days off

We offer additional days off during Christmas and Easter.

Offices with a soul

We have comfortable and attractive offices where you can meet and collaborate with your colleagues.

Flexible remuneration (Spain employees)

You can obtain tax advantages by developing your own benefits package.

Special events

Participate in company events such as team breakfasts, office days and much more!

Pet friendly

Bring your pet to the office, we are pet friendly!

Development possibilities

We encourage your professional growth through continuous development opportunities.


Exceptional work is only possible through collaboration.

If you want to be part of our purpose and you think you would be like a fish in water in our team, don’t hesitate!

At bicg we are constantly on the lookout for talent like yours.

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