Covid 19

We have designed a plan consisting of three phases to accompany organizations in their transition to the new situation.

How are we helping companies to evolve in this new reality?

Phase 1: Fast track for remote work implementation

Rapid and efficient implementation of remote working for leaders.


The objective is to implement a remote work model according to the needs of the employees with actions specific to each organisation, taking into account their different problems, cultural resistances and any obstacles that may arise in the process. The Implementation is carried out in one or more phases, depending on the group in question.

It consists of:

Analysis: To understand the situation of the company, group the professionals by work dynamics and prioritise the implementation in the most critical positions.

Training through webinars: Recommendations and guidelines on remote working, collaboration, leadership, personal and work life balance as well as psychosocial risks.

Change Management: Creation of a digital community as a repository of information, constant feedback and point of dynamisation of short-term contingency actions.

Monitoring and sustainability plan: Employee satisfaction survey, contingency action success survey, identification of opportunities and preparation for Phase 2.


Phase 2: Business continuity in remote working model​

Agile response to the challenges posed by remote business operation.​


This phase aims to ensure business continuity in an extreme remote work environment, guaranteeing the development of work in the best possible conditions. It generates a change in habits and behaviour and a better and a more sustainable Customer and Employee experience.

To do so, different challenges must be solved at different levels as quickly as possible:

Basic challenges: To carry out contingency remote working in the organisation by defining professional profiles, necessary technologies, speed of response and points of contact with the client.

Tactical challenges: In order to successfully carry out remote work provide the knowledge and training in: people, work planning, interaction modalities and a new leadership model.

Objectives/Performance: To have KPIs and OKRs to measure the impact that remote work has on productivity at an individual and team/project level.

Strategic challenges: To define a plan to improve strategic aspects and implement high impact initiatives.

Phase 3: Preparing for the New Normal of Work​

Evolving the company so that we leave this crisis stronger.​


We help your organisation to gain a competitive advantage for the new post-COVID-19 normality. This multidisciplinary challenge must be addressed in a systemic way, by integrating a wide diversity of disciplines to ensure its success.

There are three steps:

Analysis: To establish the potential of the organisation in the new normality we must start from its past and present situation, as well as understand the possibilities that the future can offer, from a diversity of perspectives.

Design of the new model: Together with the organisation, we create a new holistic model that includes all relevant aspects to make its implementation possible. Creating an integrated plan, taking into account the Employee Experience, as well as the other disciplines that affect the way of working. We also redefine the new points of contact with the customer, suppliers and stakeholders.

Implementation: We propose bi-weekly phases (sprints) to help assimilate the new ways of working effectively, and synchronise with the organisational strategy and regulations at all times.

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