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Exploring the future of work dynamics and activities

25 years after Office 21, the program that advanced the reality of the present of work, the Fraunhofer Institute IAO and BICG open a new program aimed at analyzing the next great revolutionary stage in the future of work.

In times of Corona – a phrase that is currently hard to imagine without. But what exactly does that mean? What has changed and to what extent will the corona pandemic have a lasting impact on our everyday work?

Experts from Fraunhofer IAO and BICG investigate these and other questions about the New Normal of the world of work in the webinar “New Normal – Rethinking Work”. Together with expert scientists and participants from a wide variety of industries, experiences are exchanged, scientific impulses are given and solutions are developed.

The webinar New Normal – Rethinking Work will be hold on September 22, 2020. The focus will be primarily on the topic of “Activities” in the office: everyday work in the future”.

As only by limiting it to a small group of participants, an informative, interactive and targeted exchange is possible, attendance to this webinar and the second one of the program – next month – is already closed, due to the great interest shown by many experts.

New opportunities may open up to participate in future calls. For that reason, we invite all those interested in the future of the work to periodically consult this website, as we will be reporting on the progress of discovering as the program progresses.

Stay in tune.


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