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Easy Work

Do you want your professionals to be flexible, creative and to proactively react to change?

We propose a way of working based on objectives and results in which your professionals can choose where they do their work best. Easy Work is a simple guide for the implementation of Remote Work and other forms of flexibility In a digital world, we must implement digital models of work which are ever-present and people-centered.

Benefits of remote work

Benefits for the remote worker

It promotes a better work-life balance, improves productivity and competitiveness, produces economic and time savings…

Benefits for the company

It ensures business continuity, saves costs, helps to implement a model based on result orientation, improves productivity and competitiveness, contributes to the attraction and retention of talent…

Benefits for the society

It reduces the need for society mobility (displacements), contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, reduces the risk of accidents…


Involved groups in the implementation of remote work

Project coordination team or HR ​

It depends on the company, a team may be formed to coordinate the implementation of the project or it may be led by HR. BICG will support the implementation of the new model through close coordination with this team or this person. During the collaboration, BICG will accompany each of the steps that must be taken to enable professionals to work flexibly.


Through the project team, BICG will offer the appropriate content to share with the most relevant groups of professionals when implementing this mode of work: remote workers, managers and finally collaborators. The project will be approached from a multidisciplinary perspective and taking into account the needs of all groups is key.

Timeline for remote work​

HR Track​

  • Awareness-raising features
  • Flexibility diagnosis: Quick analysis of how ready the company is
  • Which mode of remote work should we choose?
  • Speed up the participation process
  • Identify and select groups that can participate. Is there a group of employees that can’t do it?
  • How do we prepare the employees?
  • Preparation of the remote work kit personalised to each company
  • How to implement Metrics and Tracking

Leaders' Track​

  • Introduction: raising awareness of new leadership
  • How can you impact how your teams are led?
  • Activities for understanding fears and concerns
  • New skills and competencies that we may need
  • Model of transparency and communication
  • Tips for creating a model based on goals and results
  • Tracking key indicators
  • Technological tools available

Remote workers’ track​

  • Benefits of remote work and flexible work 
  • What is expected from the remote worker?
  • Training and checklist
  • How to collaborate from home
  • Training and change management training pills
  • Time thieves at home
  • Remote work Toolkit
  • Share experiences

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Beyond remote work. A new flexible way of working.

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