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A culture to be proud of - Change from the Core

A holistic analysis of the culture at Indra to prepare the company for the future of leadership, talent attraction and employee engagement. In addition, a design concept for the new space according to the needs of employees was created.


Indra, one of the world’s leading technology consultancies, strives to define strategic guidelines for the future in terms of culture. By identifying the most important aspects, the strategic plan can be translated into concrete measures and thus the Company Experience® model can be implemented.

Services Provided

    • Complete analysis of the company in order to identify the most important levers and thus initiate adjustments.

    • Creation of an innovative Company Experience® model consisting of 59 initiatives to make the change happen.

    • Design of a new space concept, specifically adapted to the new headquarters.

    • Development of a capillarisation strategy for the entire organisation.

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