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Design Concept for the new HQ

For the new HQ, TeamViewer wants a working environment that corresponds to the philosophy and the strong growth of the company. With the help of a holistic analysis of the current and future corporate culture and working methods as well as a co-design workshop, a suitable design concept was created.


TeamViewer plans to move to a new headquarter where the building was originally planned for another tenant. This required adapting the given space and implementing an interior design strategy to create a work environment that would reflect the company’s philosophy and strong growth. The co-design approach is important to involve the employees as early as possible in the design process and thus promote acceptance and satisfaction.

Services Provided

    • Holistic analysis of the current and future corporate culture and forms of work.
    • Development of an interior design strategy that corresponds to the TeamViewer culture and offers the best possible working environment to the employees.
    • Involvement of the employees through co-design surveys and workshops.
    • Creation of a catalogue of requirements as a basis for the subsequent furniture ordering process.
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