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Smart Campus Heilbronn Initiative

What makes a campus smart and innovative? What are some of the best examples of that industry? In a benchmark we explored the area of smart campuses around the world.Through co-design workshop, we developed innovative ideas and initiatives which fit to the Heilbronn Campus.


By integrating cognitive service systems and smart technologies, the Smart Campus in Heilbronn is intended to become a flagship for all colleges and universities in Germany and to keep pace with international developments. Through the use of ambassadors made up of employees and students from the campus, intensive co-creation workshops will be held to create innovative solutions for the location and increase acceptance among stakeholders and the surrounding area.

Services Provided

    • Analysis of practical global implementation examples of current innovative campus concepts of companies and educational institutions in the private and public sectors of the same or different industries within the framework of market analysis and benchmarking.
    • Co-creation workshop with ambassadors of the project, who set innovative ideas and impulses and provide the basis for the development of visions of the future.
    • Development and visualization of 6 future pictures as well as the description of how the Heilbronn campus can be made more tangible in the future.
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