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Reshaping work inside out

This global crisis is changing everything: the way we work, live, learn, interact. Ultimately, it will exponentially accelerate the profound transformation of our ecosystems towards a different and radically more digital era.
It is time to rethink and reshape. The first ones achieving it will secure a significant competitive advantage.
Are you in?

Connecting and promoting corporate culture among professionals and clients

In this series of videos, Juan Manuel de La Nuez, International expert in communication, branding and advertisment, and Iñaki Lozano, CEO of BICG, talk about the challenges that companies currently face in terms of corporate culture and its communication ...

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From Resilience to Antifragility

Many elements, stable for decades, are now experiencing unprecedented changes How can we prepare for the new normal, and how can we leverage these changes to improve our...

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Rethinking work @ the Next Stage

In four videos, two experts, Wilhelm Bauer (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO) and Inaki Lozano Ehlers (BICG), discuss to what extent their predictions of 25 years ago about the future of work are currently coming true, and how companies must act to be prepared from now on...

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Discovering the future of work dynamics and activities

Experts from Fraunhofer IAO and BICG investigate a wide range of questions about the New Normal of the world of work in the webinar "New Normal - Rethinking...

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Do we still love the Office?

In this interview, published by Steelcase’s 360, Iñaki Lozano Ehlers, managing director of BICG, sees a shift unfolding to a more social, environmental, and economically sustainable business ecosystem, in the post-pandemic...

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Covid 19

We have designed a plan consisting of three phases to accompany organizations in their transit into the new reality of...

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We are an international consultancy firm transforming for more than 20 years organisations and aligning their ways of working and cultural strategy with current and future needs, expectations and circumstances.

Do you want to be prepared for the future of work? We make it happen!

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